The Buffalo Thief by Yojana Sharma

The Buffalo Thief

Yojana Sharma

This is a gentle read that will give you a flavour of life in small town India. It's an imaginative and unusual book, part fairy tale and part social satire. Its well constructed plot gathers pace towards the end.

Bharathi left the protection of Jhotta's wide flank and approached Amma, still feeling self-conscious. Where would she look when she talked to Amma? It was the initial face-to-face that was most difficult, not knowing whether to stare back at that vacant glance. Yet each time she was surprised to find Amma's face far from vacant, but animated and vigorous - a face that saw little but understood much. Bharathi studied Amma's kind and wrinkled features and inhaled her homely pickle smell. She relaxed a little, feeling, after all, that outwardly there was nothing odd about her despite what everyone said.
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