Memorial by  Bryan Washington


Bryan Washington

When a crisis throws them apart, two men at a crossroads in their relationship reflect on their lives and dysfunctional relationships with their respective families. Both wise in its reflectiveness and unsettling in the lack of answers it provides, this is authentic, contemporary storytelling, told with stunning honestly, wry humour and frank, uncompromising use of language.


Look, I said. Okay is good. All right is good. Most people don’t get more than that. That’s a myth.

I don’t think it has to be, said Mike.

If something happens, it happens. We’ll deal with it.

That’s what everyone thinks until the thing actually happens.

You’re good enough for me, I said. Our situation is good enough for me. And everything that comes with it.

So you’re saying you don’t know what you want, said Mike.

I think you’re making a problem where there isn’t one.

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