Super Host by  Kate Russo

Super Host

Kate Russo

Our hapless protagonist, going through a mid-life crisis in his love life and work, rents out his house on Airbnb - cue for an engaging series of guests and their emotional problems. The humour is subtle, underscored with character-revealing dialogue and sardonic inner musings. And although there’s a poignant underlying theme of loss and loneliness, it is entertaining, raunchy, and enormous fun - with the added bonus of lessons in creating art.


Bookings have been slow recently. He’s convinced it’s because of the recent review Emma left: Bennett’s house was suitable for our needs, it read. Suitable. The rainfall shower was suitable, was it? How about the six-hundred-thread-count sheets? The free posh soap? The marble countertops and six-burner gas range? All that was suitable for you, Emma? It continued: FYI. While you do get the whole house to yourself, Bennett lives very close by in a studio behind the house. For your information, Emma, some people like that. It was still a five-star review. He has to remind himself of that. He’s still a Super Host. It just wasn’t a glowing review, which he prefers.

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Explicit sexual content