One Night at the Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat

One Night at the Call Centre

Chetan Bhagat

Six Indian friends finally triumph in this funny, romantic and very satisfying story of everyday work and family trials. But don't read it if you are a fan of the USA - or indeed of 'white goods'.


'See, the thing is,' Bakshi said and paused again, 'aren't we comparing apples to oranges here?'
'What?' Vroom looked at Bakshi with a disgusted expression.
I wondered what Bakshi was talking about. Was I the apple? Who was the orange? What fruit was Bangalore?
'I have an idea. Why don't we enlist Bangalore?' Bakshi said and snapped his fingers.
'But that's what Shyam -' the junior IT guy began, but Bakshi interrupted him. Poor junior IT guy, he isn't familiar with Bakshi's ways.
'See it sounds unusual, but sometimes you have to think outside the box,' Bakshi said and tapped his head in self-admiration.

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  • Mr Golightly's Holiday by Salley Vickers

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