Flight by Adam Thorpe


Adam Thorpe

Fasten your seat-belts for a thrilling trip, in the Hitchcock mould. Our hero, a mercenary pilot, is a man on the run and out of his depth, in flight from a world of murky intrigue and dirty dealings among terrorists, traffickers and arms dealers. After a fast bumpy ride, the pace eases off, as he seeks refuge on a remote Scottish island, then the tension is ratcheted up the notches to the brutal conclusion. Will keep you glued to your seat!

You will be dead by Monday.
That two-year-old phrase returned, dusted off and beautifully polished, as he sat in his apartment, pondering the loss of his logbook and diary. Why not by Sunday? Maybe they only worked on Mondays, these hit men. Maybe they went home on Friday evening, watched telly, took their kids to a football match, grumbled about work to the wife, woke up Monday morning thinking, Christ, I've got that pilot job this afternoon, over in Dubai. Never any break. There's always someone in my cross hairs.
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