Blue Spark Sisters by Chrissie Glazebrook

Blue Spark Sisters

Chrissie Glazebrook

I really enjoyed this book. It's packed to bursting point with irreverent humour and I read it with a constant stupid grin on my face. Amid the riotous humour, however, the characters are sympathetically drawn and ultimately likeable. I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, light-hearted read.

'Tell me Rowena,' she says, almost in a whisper. 'Are you of the faith?'
The rational part of me ought to know that those are the words coming out of her mouth, but the speed has made me so strung out they reach my brain garbled, scrambled, like an encrypted e-mail.
Are you off your face? This is what I actually hear.
'Oh yes,' I reply truthfully. 'Most definitely.'
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