Unsettled Ground by  Claire Fuller

Unsettled Ground

Claire Fuller

Get ready for a deftly written story which dispels any illusion of a rural idyll. Focusing more on the folk than the flora and fauna - inadequate housing, lack of jobs and limited public transport are the reality. Beautiful, suspenseful and deeply moving, if like me, you are a reader who likes a book that grips whilst making you think, this is it.


Jeanie tucks her knees in tight where she lies on the bed which Julius made from the table and bench seats.  She is freezing in her sleeping bag even with a blanket on top. From the other end of the caravan, her brother's slow, sleepy breaths both reassure and irritate. Under her head the cushions are damp and the stink of them is in her nose. Tomorrow she will find somewhere else to live. Tomorrow she will heat a pot of water on the stove and clean the caravan thoroughly. Tomorrow she will take the cushions outside and air them in a patch of sunshine.

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