Time to Say Goodbye by Pat MacEnulty

Time to Say Goodbye

Pat MacEnulty

Although it's fairly easy to figure out what's going in the plot, the pacey writing still makes this compulsive reading. It has the feel of a gumshoe detective story, but it is as much about the criminal as about the investigating policeman, both of whom are well drawn characters. Life in Florida is also vividly captured, through all its highs and lows. Give yourself a nice stretch of reading time for this one - once you start you won't want to be interrupted!

The coroner, a short man with round glasses magnifying his round eyes, used his laser pen to point out the blood drops.
'See how the blood is shaped like a tear drop. That's a high velocity spray there. The blood impact came pretty fast.'
No shit, Sherlock, Rodney thought. Every coroner in the country probably watched way too much CSI and somehow thought that no crime could possibly be solved without their gruesome insight.
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