The Mystery of Henri Pick by David Foenkinos

The Mystery of Henri Pick

David Foenkinos

An unpublished novel is discovered which goes on to become a French literary sensation. But who is this author Henri Pick? This is the question that, like a gentle breeze, lifts you up and sends you on a playful journey that amuses and teases the reader from start to finish. Quirky and deliciously French, anyone who enjoys a story about the world of books will likely find pleasure in unravelling this charming mystery.


They went into the living room. The silence was disturbed by a clock that reminded everyone of its presence by ticking very loudly. Madeline must have stopped hearing it. The noise of each second had become her regular sonic backdrop. The knick-knacks scattered all over the room gave it the appearance of a Breton souvenir shop. Nobody could have been in any doubt about the house's geographical setting: it oozed Brittany, and there was no trace of any trips to other places. When Delphine asked the old woman if she sometimes went to Paris, the response was scathing: 'I went there once. What a nightmare! The crowds, the stress, the smell. And, honestly, the Eiffel Tower? I can't see what all the fuss is about!'

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