Less by Andrew Sean Greer


Andrew Sean Greer

Arthur Less is off on a journey that will take in four continents and numerous literary festivals, awards and other engagements. The reason for his journey: partly because of his soon to be 50th birthday, but primarily to escape having to commit to attending the wedding of a former boyfriend. This is a book to be easily charmed by; it is joyful, there are witticisms aplenty and Arthur will quickly endear himself to you I am sure.

There is no Arthur Less without the suit. Bought on a whim, in that brief era of caprice three years ago when he threw caution (and money) to the wind and flew to Ho Chi Minh City to visit a friend on a work trip, searching for air conditioning in that humid, moped-plagued city, found himself a tailor shop, ordering a suit. Drunk on car exhaust and sugarcane, he made a series of rash decisions, gave his home address, and by the next morning had forgotten all about it. Two weeks later, a package arrived in San Francisco. Perplexed he opened it and pulled out a medium blue suit, lined in fuschia, and sew with his initials APL. A rosewater smell from the box summoned, instantly, a dictatorial woman with a tight bun, hectoring him with questions. The cut, the buttons, the pockets, the collar. But most of all: the blue.
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