Selfish and Perverse by Bob Smith

Selfish and Perverse

Bob Smith

A brilliantly funny love triangle. Compulsive joker Nelson hasn't had a boyfriend for years, so is delighted when possible soul mate Roy asks him to join him for a summer of Alaskan salmon fishing. But then handsome Hollywood star and self-confessed liar Dylan invites himself along. Nelson's already made a mess of his novel and his job and it gets nail bitingly tense as we will him not to fluff up this chance for love too.


Same-sex jealously is inherently twisted. In comparison heterosexual jealousy is straightforward; a straight man's self-regard will never be called into question because the other man fucking his wife isn't interested in doing him, too. (Well, for most straight men that's true.) No doubt, if Roy had fucked Dylan, I would find it upsetting and kind of hot. A small part of me - located approximately between my navel and upper thighs - would be envious because Dylan turns my crank. How mental is that? I believe that, on some level, the degree of every gay man's jealousy depends on whether he thinks a guy is sexy and whether he has a chance with him, too. It would be horrible to discover your lover fucked a guy you'd enjoy fucking but could never get; it would be like being spurned twice.

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