Checkout 19 by Claire-Louise Bennett

Checkout 19

Claire-Louise Bennett

This collection of auto-fictional anecdotes of growing up is narrated in a stream of consciousness, peppered with digressions and fascinating insights into the mundane realities of living. The intimate writing style can become mesmerising, needing much concentration on the reader’s part, but it packs a strong emotional punch. In fact, I reckon it’s the best way to getting inside another person’s mind.


Certain written words are alive, active, living – they are entirely in the present, the same present as you. In fact it feels as if they are being written as you read them, that your eyes upon the page are perhaps even making them appear, in any case, certain sentences do not feel in the least bit separate from you or from the moment in time when you are reading them. You feel they wouldn’t exist without your seeing them. Like they wouldn’t exist without you. And isn’t the opposite true too – that the pages you read bring you to life? Turning the pages, turning the pages. Yes, that is how I have gone on living. Living and dying and living and dying, left page, right page, and on it goes.

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