Koolaids by Rabih Alameddine


Rabih Alameddine

An apocalyptic novel of death and Aids set in war torn Beirut. The wit and poignancy of the writing flies off the pages like bullets waiting to smack the reader right between the eyes!


If I had my life over again, I would form the habit of nightly composing myself to thoughts of death. I would practice the remembrance of death. There is no other practice which so intensifies life. Death when it approaches, ought not to take one by surprise.

It should be part of the full expectancy of life. Without an ever-present sense of death, life is insipid.You might as well live on the whites of eggs. You might as well drink Kool-Aid.

Muriel Spark wrote that. Then again, she probably didn't. I did. I may have read it in Memento Mori. How could I though? She is British. They don't have Kool-Aid. I wrote that, not poor deluded Muriel. How would you like to go through life with a name like Muriel?

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