Young God by Katherine Faw Morris

Young God

Katherine Faw Morris

What can I say - violent, disgusting and sordid. All of these things. But, told in the words of a thirteen year American old girl who has absconded from a care home, whose mother has died and whose criminal father has long ago deserted her, it is utterly absorbing. The language is bare, sharp, concise, unadorned. Definitely not the 'American Dream' novel. A debut and hopefully there will be more from this author.

'Where are you going?' Nikki yells. Renee puts her hand on her knees. 'He raped me.' Nikki looks over her shoulder at Coy Hawkins. 'He raped me.' Renee's voice bounces off all the smaller hills, rolling away on every side, the darkest things and shimmering. 'He raped me.' Coy Hawkins pulls the gun from his boot and shoots Renee in the face.
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Explicit sexual content