For Thy Great Pain Have Mercy On My Little Pain by  Victoria MacKenzie

For Thy Great Pain Have Mercy On My Little Pain

Victoria MacKenzie

Emerged in the lives of two late 14th century women my mind was torn in two: on the one hand, I admire their courage and determination to live a life dedicated to their Lord and Saviour in a world so different from ours. On the other hand I feel that, maybe, they suffered from conditions that would be treatable today. It made me reflect on the need for spirituality and the benefits of a life full of caring and love. A very special book.


I visit Master Aleyn every week, asking his learned views on my conversations with Jesus, and he never tires of giving me spiritual guidance. He also advises me of other holy persons that I can speak to, and today he told me about Dame Julian, an anchoress in Norwich, who lives an exemplary life. He said that many visit her for her good counsel and that, if I can’t rest easy, despite his and Master Spryngolde’s assurances that my visions are from God, then perhaps Dame Julian can help me.

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