Web of Secrets by Denise Harris

Web of Secrets

Denise Harris

A book for those times when you want something thought provoking and challenging. Grab a glimpse of life for a Guyanese family in the 1960s. Become involved in the web of whispered family conversations mixed together with Guyanese folklore and a big pinch of analogy.

A voice was heard calling one late afternoon, a voice which none could lay claim to afterwards. 'Close the door, child, quick close the door ... a funeral passing. I keep telling you children to always keep the door closed, but who listens .... Sometimes I feel I'm talking to a brick wall ... enough trouble pass through the house already without adding more .... Is enough to invite trouble but to invite death is too much. I didn't say to slam the door, child, I said to close it. No need to slam it like that, no need whatsoever.'
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