Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison

Such Sharp Teeth

Rachel Harrison

This book presents as a violent and gory werewolf horror, but it’s more than that. The grisly attack that the protagonist suffers is life changing. It undermines her bodily autonomy and forces her to face her vulnerabilities, drawing parallels to childhood abuse and her sister’s pregnancy. It's a horrific but darkly comic tale and extremely thought provoking. Not for the faint hearted.


I drive to the high school, run the track for hours. I suffer the sunset, the abandonment of daylight. I suffer the tenacity of the stars, the moon's cagey accomplices. And, of course, the moon herself. Slim and tinny. I run in circles under her brutal eye, feeling the lunar cycle in my muscles, in my marrow. A tension waxing and waning.

There is so much beyond my control. Things that have happened, that will happen. My body. The people in my life, how they perceive me, what they do or don't do, if they stay or leave.

There is pain. Physical and emotional hurt. A cruel inevitability that I can't prevent no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try.

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