Nightbitch by  Rachel Yoder


Rachel Yoder

Subversive and powerful, this one grabs you by the throat. A young artist navigates her way through the complexities and traumas of motherhood and the physical and mental changes that threaten to overwhelm her. Mysticism and the folklore of her Appalation heritage influence her decisions in this quirky and outrageous tale. The read is intimate and graphic, earthy and darkly funny. The, at times, surreal narrative pulls no punches.


She growled at the women, then barked and barked and barked, closing her eyes and forcing the animal sounds from herself, her ab muscles contracting violently, her pelvic floor heaving from years of diligent Kegal exercises.

I could crush a walnut with my vagina! She yelled at no one in particular, and it was then that the people around her came into sharp focus: her friends - The Artists - seated across from her at the table, one of them shielding her eyes as if she were looking directly at the sun. 


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Explicit sexual content