A Desert in Bohemia by Jill Paton Walsh

A Desert in Bohemia

Jill Paton Walsh

An unusual story of the after shock of war and its effect upon a group of people, each in different ways, displaced from family, home or country. It's fascinating to read an entertaining novel that so easily depicts how world events can buffet the life of individuals and yet they still survive.


He walked on air in those days. There might be broken lives all around him, but his was new and full of hope.Two nations mixed in the streets and squares - the inwardly maimed, who carried in their hearts the horrors and injustices of the past, and those who escaped hurt and were bent towards the future. As it became plain that the communists had secured every point of power in the country, some people began to leave.

  • Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels
  • The Rage of the Serbs by Marjorie Radulovic
  • Burning Worm by Carl Tighe

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