The Third Eye by David Knowles

The Third Eye

David Knowles

As you read the novel you have a feeling that you know what will happen, but you are nonetheless drawn into the main character's obsessional behaviour.

That damn bulb glowed like an ember in my brain. I began fantasizing about sneaking over and shutting it off. Only then, I told myself, would I find peace of mind. Bound up the stairs, open the door with my spare set of keys, a few short steps across the foyer to the switch, and back out. Thirty seconds, no more. But what if I failed to hear her footsteps behind me? What look on her face to find me there? And I knew myself better than to believe I could enter the apartment without giving a quick inspection. To the drawer in the bedroom to see if the bookmark had been moved, then the hall closet. No, I'd be trapped for sure.
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