Waltzing the Cat by Pam Houston

Waltzing the Cat

Pam Houston

From the moment her father tossed her - aged two -into the New Jersey surf, Lucy O'Rouke has had an instinct for survival. Just as well, as her work as a photographer and her tireless search for an emotionally perfect and available man brings her face to face with all manner of dangers. Lyrical writing - full of deadpan humour and feminine insight.


'Carter!' I screamed again, and still he didn't look up. I looked back behind me and saw a huge wave coming in, the biggest of the day maybe, a wave I would never in my right mind try to ride, and decided in a split second that my only hope was to sacrifice myself. I let myself be lifted into it, swimming to catch it for all I was worth, and it did pick me up for a moment, high above the beach and all the rest of the ocean, and when it started to curl, I curled with it, and it tumbled me over and over until I smashed headfirst into the gloriously solid sand.

  • Cowboys are my Weakness by Pam Houston

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