The Deadly Space Between by Patricia Duncker

The Deadly Space Between

Patricia Duncker

An oedipal tale and a disturbing ghost story that grips and horrifies in equal measure. Compulsive reading and a chilly, glittering plot. Don't embark on this book if you are easily disturbed or shocked.

I had my own locked files on the old computer that he would not have been able to access. And now I searched for these, which were hidden behind my password. Double click. But the files opened at once like Ali Baba's secret cave and the usual box demanding my Logon and my secret password never graced the screen. He had followed me to my most secret places. He had casually openned all the doors, then left them ajar so that I should know that he had been there. I sat staring at my own words, which now seemed ragged, infantile and naked in their lost privacy.
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