The Bitter Taste of Time by Bea Gonzalez

The Bitter Taste of Time

Bea Gonzalez

An amusing, slightly sad and beautifully written story of strong women and weak men. As a man I can only admit that these relative strengths are not really surprising!

Inside the pension of Maria la Reina there lies a secret. Shush, one sister tells another, an aunt tells a niece, a mother tells a daughter. Inside the pension of Maria la Reina the war arrives by way of five young men, drunk on anisette and red Ribeiro wine, and determined to enjoy themselves even if for just one night. Later, once the war is over, and they are all told to forgive and forget, forced to pass by these men during the Sunday afternoon stroll, bite back the despair that has eaten away at their hearts, until, inevitably, one of them cracks - usually Maria.

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