Shakespeare's Sword by Alan Judd

Shakespeare's Sword

Alan Judd

Shakespeare, antiques and a mystery: already a recipe for a page turner. But obsession puts the hero in the path of a woman and things take a darker turn. Perfect for a train journey, this is an undemanding but thrilling read.


In the morning I posed with it again, slashing this way and that, pointing and stabbing. It was hard to imagine Shakespeare fighting, sword in one hand, dagger in the other, but I fancied that in the right clothes I might cut a threatening enough image. Less than dashing, admittedly, but purposeful, as if I meant it. After only a minute or two the weight of the sword made itself felt but the thought that my hand clasped what his had clasped - almost certainly, I was convinced - gave me strength. There is life in things we touch and use, something of ourselves clings to them.

  • The Judas Pair by Jonathan Gash
  • Falling by Elizabeth Jane Howard
  • The Invention of Dr Cake by Andrew Motion

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