Faults by Terri de la Pena


Terri de la Pena

The mix of Spanish words and phrases is irritaing at first, but quickly becomes an essential part of the characters, a reminder of their culture and background. Events are seen through the eyes of each family member involved, giving a greater insight into how they are affected and making the reader more interested in the outcome.

Listening to Mama's hypnotic breathing I had been about to doze off. The very thought of all those years - and their intervening changes - snaps me awake again.

'How did it go con le Pat?' Mama murmers to my surprise. 'Tan bueno to have her in the house again.'
'I thought you were asleep,' I whisper back. Sighing I turn on my side to face her. 'Well, it's really hard to tell Mama. I never expected Pat to stay here all day.'
'She cares mija. How can you doubt that?' Mama tosses a reprimanding glance across the pillows. She has a headful of pink plastic rollers with a white hairnet holding them in place. No matter what she says about my straight hair, I can't imagine the alternative.

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