Misadventures by Sylvia Smith


Sylvia Smith

If you think your life is mundane and boring this diary will make it seem wildly exciting. It's a chronicle of very ordinary events, but it's strangely compelling and very funny.

Whilst Barbara was in Italy she had to have an operation for gallstones. She told me, 'The orderly came to collect me from the ward and put me on a trolley to take me to the operating theatre. He was running through the corridors with me when he took a corner too fast and I shot off the trolley and went crunch on the floor. He tried to get me back on it but I was too frightened and told him "No", so he jumped up and down shaking his hands saying, "Mamma mia, Mamma mia," and he had to get me a wheelchair and that was how I went to the operating theatre.'
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