A Handful of Manhood  by Gaby Hauptmann

A Handful of Manhood

Gaby Hauptmann

A funny, easy read about a group of middle-aged friends going through their mid-life crises. The result is an hilarious story filled with coincidencs, unexpected alliances and a turn around in fortunes.


'Good morning.' Marion forces herself to sound cheerful and goes to the wash-basin alongside him.

His reply is barely intelligible.

'You're rumbling away like a storm outside. Is something wrong?'

He's standing in his vest and underpants in front of the mirror,.... 'You can see I'm shaving,' he says finally.

'Is there some special reason why you're up so early?' asks Marion, reaching for her toothbrush.

He pats after-shave on to his face, and Marion takes the bottle from his hand. 'Aha, Cool Water, the shaving lotion for the man with a body of steel!' She throws him a mocking look, because in his underwear he can't conceal his tummy by drawing it in. There's a noticeable bulge above the broad waistband of his briefs.

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