When De Mark Buss by Geoffrey Philip and others

When De Mark Buss

Geoffrey Philip and others

Six short stories by Caribbean and Black British writers mostly set in Europe and the Caribbean. You get a real taste of lots of different cultures and the decisions people face in their lives.


The next day Munir went to work early in the morning. Soraya stayed home, unpacked a few more things, hung the calligraphed name of Allah on the wall, just above the mantelpiece. Then she remembered that she ought to be going shopping. She stood before the lift and reproached herself for the self-inflicted nausea of yesterday. She convinced herself that the ghost of the past had finally been exorcised, that she was silly to be afraid, that it was time they should have a new beginning. She pressed the button and within a few seconds the lift arrived and opened its doors. She wanted to stride in with confidence, but paused, because there facing her in dripping scarlet ... was the unmistakeable message, inexhaustibly repeated: WOGS OUT PAKIS STINK DARKIS GO HOME.

  • Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
  • At the Bottom of the River by Jamaica Kincaid
  • War Boy by Keif Hillsberry

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