Shameless by Paul Burston


Paul Burston

A bitchy and obviously well-informed troll through the gay scene in London today. An interesting straight female character adds an extra dimension to an otherwise predictable and easy read.


Finally, there were the two Steves. Steve One was a shy young student with an impressively large chest who John had met a year ago through the internet, and had been grooming as potential boyfriend material until the sudden arrival of Steve Two threw this scheme off kilter. John's admiration for Steve One's chest had since given way to resentment and the indignant belief that somehow disco tits were wasted on the young. The way John saw it, a decent body was one of the few compensations for hitting thirty.

  • Outside In by Stuart Thorogood
  • Queer as Folk - TV series
  • Fag Hag by Robert Rodi

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