Lovesong by Alex Miller


Alex Miller

John and Sabiha's story, one of love and a marriage which endures through the anguish that befalls them, is a delicate and intimate depiction of life. Told with an empathy and tenderness that compels the reader to search deeper into the lives of the central characters, Lovesong is a deeply thoughtful book.

A story will sometimes get a grip, and there it is, a deeper resonance, and you wake in the night thinking about it. I hadn't reached that stage with John's story, not yet. Perhaps I never would. But it was out there. It was a possibility. It had happened to me before. Perhaps I even hoped for it to happen to me this time, so I could come out of my retirement and stop wandering around the house like a ghost, my days full one again with the preoccupations of my craft, gifted once again.
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