The Immigrant by Manju Kapur

The Immigrant

Manju Kapur

An arranged marriage and an immigration from India to Canada; this is a tale of isolation and longing. It chronicles the assimilation and adjustment of moving from one culture to another, and the intimate insecurities of marital life. I found it sympathetic to the anxieties and tensions of the newly-wed couple, with some welcome light-hearted moments. A good read to take on holiday - but I wouldn't recommend that you take it on honeymoon!


That night, in bed, Nina was more prepared for the brevity of their sexual encounter. It was easier to not compare Ananda with his predecessor in a different country. 'Welcome home, darling,' said Ananda, putting his arm around his wife afterwards. And that was the main point, wasn't it? Not the orgasms, but the fact that she was home.
'Thank you,' she murmured to a husband who was already asleep.

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