The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether parts by Louis de Bernieres

The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether parts

Louis de Bernieres

You'd expect this tale set in a corrupt and dangerous Latin American state to be bleak and serious. Instead the reader is served a cocktail of sex and comedy, magic and realism, seriousness and jollity topped with a shot of farcical brutality. This heady mixture won't suit all tastes, but it has a very distinctive flavour.


El Electricista had a big metal grille, well-earthed. When it was not in use for interrogation the officers used to put a table-top on it and use it for eating their meals. El Electricista was very fond of his metal grille, and he called it "Susana". In fact all the torturers not only became very fond of their implements, but they had also got very fond of their jobs, which performed with exemplorary zeal and efficiency.

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  • Captain Pantoja and the Special Service by Mario Vargas Llosa

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