The Verificationist by Donald Antrim

The Verificationist

Donald Antrim

Surreal and comic - most of the book is narrated from the ceiling of the pancake restaurant where the narrator has floated during a breakfast with psychoanalyst colleagues. Suspend your disbelief and go with the winding digressions and reflections on contemporary American intellectual life. Very witty but with a dark undertone.

Across this divide reached the arms of the girl and the man. Their fingers touched, their hands joined together. Sherwin started to rise. His face looked amazed. He went up on tiptoes. His mean, pointy-looking shoes left the floor, and Sherwin dangled above the tables spread wih their blue cloths. His feet kicked and his body twirled this way and that as if pushed by wind. But there was no wind. We were indoors with the windows shut.
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