Love Lasts Three Years by Frederic Beigbeder

Love Lasts Three Years

Frederic Beigbeder

Marc Marronier comes of age whilst exploring his professed belief that 'love lasts only three years'. Despite the wit – the author’s trademark is wrong-footing humour - this is not an easy read. But make up your mind to enjoy the constant changes in style (including the two pages without full stops, let alone paragraphs) and just go with the flow. I guarantee you'll find Marc's surprising metamorphosis well worth any effort.


So, I pick up my pen to put into words how much I love her, how she has the longest hair in the world and how I'm drowning in it, and if you think that's pathetic, I pity you, how her eyes are mine and she is mine and she is me and when she screams, I scream and everything I will ever do will be for her, always and always I will give her everything, and from now until the day I die I will get in the morning only for her, only to make her want to love me,

  • The Love Secrets of Don Juan by Tim Lott
  • Yellow Dog by Martin Amis

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