Goodnight Steve McQueen by Louise Wener

Goodnight Steve McQueen

Louise Wener

A really funny novel about men, music and transitional shoes! I found this really enjoyable and very believable. I liked Danny very much but I had to agree with Alison in that he is just too old to still be watching Columbo in his underpants and if he is to be a pop star he needs to make it happen.

The problem with hiding behind a wrought-iron lamppost is that it doesn't afford you quite the level of camouflage you might expect. In fact it's completely crap. I have to stand sideways on. I have to strain my neck in a most peculiar fashion if I want to see what Alison and her posh mates are up to, and it may be my imagination but I have the impression that people are beginning to look at me funny.
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