Pharos by Alice Thompson


Alice Thompson

I'm not that fond of ghost stories in general and this one did nothing to convert me. It's an intriguing story though, with hints of hidden darkness which unfold towards the end. If you hang on in there then 'all will be revealed' as the saying goes. The whole story then takes on a new mystery and meaning when viewed in retrospect.


When the woman regained consciousness it quickly became evident that she had lost her memory. The expanse of the sea had wiped it clean. It was not a calm peace that she had been left with. She screamed in the night while the sea drowned her and all her past. She could not say what she was doing in the sea, where she was from or why she had been so far away from the land. She screamed for days as if she were trying to give birth to herself. Then she fell silent.

  • If He Lived by Jon Stephen Fink
  • Wringland by Sally Spedding

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