Sky Blues by Vicki Hendricks

Sky Blues

Vicki Hendricks

Skydiving, sex and conspiracy to murder are the main ingredients here. Mix in a remote, Florida location for a classic 'B' movie recipe. I wasn't completely gripped by the plot, but the thrills of plunging from the air are well done, and exotic animal vet Destiny Donne is a sassy main character. A quick and pacy read.

All the rules and precautions are running through my head, and I'm trying to sort out the most important. I'm afraid of overload, forgetting it all. Even when my whole life depended on passing a test in vet school, I never felt the physical grip of fear like this, a layer of oil sloshing through my guts, the air squeezed out of my lungs, the feeling of a steel collar around my throat, no saliva in my mouth. I'm told to put my helmet on as I get on the place. The words seem to come from far away, somewhere in the real world that I've detached myself from. My normal sensations are dulled beneath the fear. We begin to ascend.
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Explicit sexual content