Fly Already by Etgar Keret

Fly Already

Etgar Keret

Witty, wry, poignant, and often twisted at the end, this collection of stories needs to be savoured carefully to enjoy them to the max! Often unable to act adequately, sometimes mangled by life, I fell for nearly all its characters. Happy, sad, funny, serious, all of that makes it a wonderful bedtime read!

The skinny guy fell to the café floor. His stomach hurt more than he thought it ever possibly could. A series of involuntary spasms shook his body. 'This is what it must be like when you’re going to die,' he thought. 'But this can’t be the end. I’m too young, and it’s too embarrassing to die like this, in shorts and Crocs, on the floor of a café that was once trendy but hasn’t been making a go of it for years.' The guy opened his mouth to scream for help but didn’t have enough air in his lungs to let out a scream. This story isn’t about him.
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