Spencer's List by Lissa Evans

Spencer's List

Lissa Evans

Spencer's ex-lover has died, leaving him a list of London tourist sites to be visited within a year. As Spencer works his way through the list, his story is inter-woven with that of friends, neighbours and work colleagues. A good blend of humour, the irritations of life and new beginnings.

'Hey, Miss,' said one of the boys, raising his arm.
'Yes,' she said, warily, alerted by the innocence of his tone.
'Did you do that?' he pointed to the heap of horseshit. This time the laugh was a cannonade, the girls screaming and covering their mouths, the deliverer of the line basking in the uproar.
Fran folded her arms. 'Yes I did,' she said seriously, when the noise had died down. 'That's what happens when you eat a lot of roughage. I didn't even have to strain.'
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