Liminal by Chris Keil


Chris Keil

Cross the thresholds of time, space and perception with this magical mystery tour de force, combining elements of Celtic and Greek mythology. The journey of discovery becomes a quest for purpose and self-realisation, as well as a detective story for a missing person. You may find yourself experiencing a sudden yearning for a holiday in Greece!

In that case he must be standing exactly where Aled had stood, eight or ten days ago, looking through his eyes at an artifact that Briggana herself might have seen, might have touched. He had found them both. The three of them were reunited, he thought, aware of the thudding of his heart. They were together, but of course only in place, separated by the veils of time, a medium experienced as fluid but which hardens into an opacity as impenetrable after a few hours or days as after fifteen hundred years. Only memory can see through time, move in it with open eyes. Without memory we can only circle endlessly round the present moment.
  • The Magus by John Fowles
  • Into the Blue by Robert Goddard