The Four Temperaments by Yona McDonough

The Four Temperaments

Yona McDonough

Oscar Kornblatt middle-aged lead violinist with the New York City Ballet falls passionately in love with young, ambitious and ruthless dancer Ginny Valentine; what begins as a familiar enough scenario - a man infactuated with a girl young enough to be his daughter- escalates in dramatic intensity when his son meets Ginny and falls under her spell, too. A powerful, compelling read with strong and passionate characters.

What Oscar knew was that she continued to exert some terrible fascination for him, a fascination that flew in the face of common sense, of morality, of just about everything Oscar knew to be true, lasting and good. At last, he had managed to find the self-control to stay away from her. But what he did and what he felt were two different things.
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Explicit sexual content