Quiet Chaos by Sandro Veronesi

Quiet Chaos

Sandro Veronesi

In the wake of his fiancées sudden death, Pietro embarks on a vigil outside his daughter's school. What ensues could be taken from a psychiatrist's chair as one by one acquaintances and strangers share their everyday lives with Pietro. At times sad and thoughtful with a quirk here and there it makes for reflective reading.

A little different, but even more surprising in the end, is the reaction of friends and family. Since they're close to me, they use their intimacy; they feel authorized to ask, to object, to try to dissuade me. But it's an effort that lasts only a few minutes. Whether they drop by in person or simply phone me, they, too, after a while, accept that I am here in front of the school all day. It's odd how simple things can be, after all: quite simply they accept it.
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