Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay

Russian Winter

Daphne Kalotay

The auction of Nina Revskaya’s collection of jewels that she built up over her long life and successful career as a ballerina evoke good memories but also reopens painful wounds of her past in Stalinist Russia. Secrets, tension and romance make this an enjoyable read, full of twists and turns, a good mystery, and a wonderful sense of history, creating a sense of foreboding every time I turned the page.

Vera is watching Gersh with big dark eyes, head resting on her hand, and now Viktor leans back to listen. Nina can see in his very posture how badly he wants to believe that drill hole doesn't matter. After all, if Gersh isn't doing anything wrong, then what is there for anyone to see or hear that might cause trouble?

Gersh plays for a long time. smoking cigarettes with Viktor until the room is a warm haze. ... Nina focuses instead on the love she feels around her, not only between her and Viktor, and Vicktor and Gersh, but now Gersh and Vera, too. Until very late they stay ... It is as if all four of them are waiting something out, as if none of them want the night to end. Morning has sprouted, pale and winking, by the time they say good-bye.
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