Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Let the Right One In

John Ajvide Lindqvist

Set in a Swedish sink estate, this vampire novel is both chilling and gruesome but is also a true page-turner. The violence is frequent, terrifying and graphic - a contrast with the tender, burgeoning relationship between Oskar and Eli. A large cast of supporting characters, some of whom will make your skin crawl, will make you look at any new neighbours in a different light as the story makes its way to a very explosive climax.

He had no plan, no thoughts. Nothing except this: to get to Virginia and get rid of whatever that was on her back. She lay on the snow next to the path with that black mass crawling on her. When he reached her he directed all his force into a kick at the black thing. His foot made contact with something hard and he heard a sharp crack, as when ice breaks up. The black thing was thrown from Virginia's back and landed in the snow next to her.
Virginia lay completely still, there were dark stains on the white ground. The black thing sat up. A child.
Lacke stood there staring into the prettiest little child's face imaginable, framed by a veil of black hair. A pair of enormous black eyes met his.
The child got up on all fours, cat-like, preparing to lunge. The face changed as the child drew back its lips and Lacke could see the rows of sharp teeth glow in the dark.
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