The Mineral Palace by Heidi Julavits

The Mineral Palace

Heidi Julavits

This book has a real feel of the 1930s and the descriptions evoke the dismal despair of the time. One wonders whether there will be life after for the characters and if there is, will it be worth it? Don't despair though, this is a good read.

It wasn't until after they were married that Bena discovered she'd wed a member of her own quiet tribe, a man who lied to the world every day with a smile and a warm handshake and an incandescent gaze, as if his soul had been burnt thin from constant examination. They took vows and exchanged rings, they promised to tell each other everything, but they never did tell each other much .... And it was comfortable that way, the silences were a cozy insulation from the windy, cutting truth of things.
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