A Shadow of Myself by Mike Phillips

A Shadow of Myself

Mike Phillips

Where am I - Prague, Hamburg, Moscow, Berlin? This book will hurtle you from one city to the next on its fast-paced journey. But this is also a romantic, violent, well-written thriller that mixes race, families, culture and politics. If you like your war Cold and complex you can immerse yourself in this novel. Never mind the geography - feel the atmosphere.

Joseph clasped his hand without speaking, and then scrambled out of the car, frozen by the embarrassing sense that he did not know how to respond. He believed that George was his brother, but he also felt a swelling tide of resentment at being catapulted into a relationship and a situation for which he hadn't been prepared. At the same time, looking for George, he had the feeling that, without knowing it, he had been searching for him all his life. Waking up the next morning, he had realised in a moment of instant clarity that the shadow in his mind was to do with his worry about George and whatever trouble he was in ....
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