One for my Baby by Tony Parsons

One for my Baby

Tony Parsons

Alfie Budd returns to England, following the tragic death of his wife. Things don't improve as what's left of his family collapses around him and friendships come and go at an alarming rate. However, he finds solace in Sinatra's music and stability from an unexpected source. I found myself cringing with embarrassment at some of the situations that Alfie got himself into, a sure sign that I was totally immersed in this novel.


'Listening to Sinatra makes me feel as though I am not the only person in the universe who ever woke up to find themselves in some place that they never imagined. Listening to Sinatra makes me feel that I am not so alone. Listening to Sinatra makes me feel more human.'

  • High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
  • A Big Boy Did it and Ran Away by Christopher Brookmyre

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