The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon

The Golden Mean

Annabel Lyon

This novel is a fictionalised life of the philosopher Aristotle. The predominant theme is his education of, and friendship with, Alexander the Great. Anyone with a liking for the history of science and for philosophy in general, will find plenty to interest them. The characters are realistic but not empathetic. The battle scenes are compelling reading. This could be the catalyst for further reading on the history of Ancient Greece.

Other times he spoke of Plato, still in Athens, still nuturing young men such as he had once been, young prodigies. 'Maybe one day you'll go to him, star bright,' he said, and the idea seemed to take root in him as he spoke it, for he mentioned again once or twice when he was more sober, said he would write to recommend me, said the man would remember him and would take him seriously.
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  • Ethics by Aristotle
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