Joseph Knight by James Robertson

Joseph Knight

James Robertson

Readers of historical fiction who like to be transported to other times and places will love this novel. From the slaughter at Culloden to slave uprisings on Jamaica you will be gripped. It is also part mystery as the hunt for Joseph continues in enlightenment Edinburgh. I found it always eloquent, edifying and engrossing.

What exactly a Coromantee was, however, was less certain. It had become clear to the Wedderburns very quickly that they were not dealing with a distinct tribe or race when they demanded Coromantees: they would buy a dozen and find four different languages spoken among them. John tried to discover more about the designation. The traders at Savanna were not sure, but thought it derived from an old settlement on the Gold Coast, Kromantine, the site of the first English slave station a century before. It was, in other words, little more than an export stamp.
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