The Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

The Dirty Girls Social Club

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

A great relaxing book to read - lots of fun but also some disturbing insights into what women will suffer to be loved and wanted. These six different girls, all Latinas, have been close friends for ten years but still have more to find out about each other. Keep your Spanish dictionary by your side!

'Who's a fake Indian?' Usnavys asks.
'Ed,' Amber says.
'What in the world is a 'fake Indian'?' Rebecca asks.
'Like you,' Amber says. 'In denial of your beautiful brown roots.'
'Not this again.' Rebecca rolls her eyes. She covers her forearms with her hands.
'I think Ed's got some ... good qualities,' chirps Usnavys. Her eyes betray the lie. She drowns her guilt with a swig of wine and looks away from my eyes.
'Name one,' Elizabeth demands, pounding the table with her fist, flashing her beautiful grin.
'Ay bendito!' Usnavys cries, staring at Elizabeth in mock surprise, with a hand on her chest.
Silence. Amused glances all round.
Laughter. You too-honest bitches.
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Explicit sexual content